We are a start-up based in Seattle, WA. Our focus is on developing new products in the field of technology. We perform R&D and P&D by working in collaboration with University of Washington, NIH, NSF and other research organizations for introducing cutting edge technology to the market. We have an experienced and qualified business and engineering staff that is actively engaged in business and technical operations to help us deliver value to the clients. We also have research and development applicants, intellectual property specialists and technical service providers in our team. With our team, we have been catering the emerging needs of the customers by providing them valuable solutions. We are working in collaboration with Maker Space at the University of Washington Seattle, CoMotion department. Maker Space provides us access to a wide variety of tools and equipment needed by our research and development team. 


Our Facility


ZEMPR headquarters are located Seattle WA and they consist of two main locations; office space and lab space. The area covered by the headquarters is 200 square feet and the office space holds equipment which includes desktop computers, scanner, printer, copier and fax machine. The variety of tools which we have access to include state of art 3D printers, 3D scanners, sewing machines, equipment for performing electronic fabrication, assembly and test, measurement tools and other tools to successfully make the technology related products. 
We have been striving to innovate in the field by creating products that are widely accepted among our audience. It is a serious effort in which extensive research and development are required to come with a pleasing final product. 


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